August 2010 Newsletter


Welcome to the August ’10 newsletter of Centru Tbexbix.

The two months of Summer Club this year seemed to fly past faster than usual. The experience gained in previous years was an important factor allowing for a more professional approach from the whole Centru Tbexbix team, which this year had an increase in full-time staff.  So throughout August it seemed as if none of us were thinking that the summer club was drawing to an end. Even the children were this year attending more regularly and the closure at the end of the month had in fact the greatest number of “performers” J The two downstairs rooms were full of parents and guests!

Let’s pull together

The youngest group, the Pines, were as usual the most impatient to go on stage. With the help of Aleksei and Oguz, the “Pines” acted the Carrot Story, which sends out the message that nothing is impossible if there is a collective effort. After this the little ones also presented two yoga songs followed by “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”.

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The dancer

The Laurel group were next, with the story of a Dancer. The story included a number of asanas (yoga postures). The moral of the story was also a positive one – the dancer shows her love to all her friends, the plants, the animals, birds, fish – by her dancing. The “laurels” also sang a German song taught to them by Bettina.

Little gymnasts.

Bettina was also instrumental in training the “Carob” group in a number of gymnastic positions. Gymnastics are a favourite with our children, and they were very proud to show their newly gained skills in this sport. Thanks also to Sophie who also helped in this.

Rights of the Child .

Following last month’s sessions about this topic, the same group performed a drama created by Ogun, which explains the importance of recognising the Rights of Children.  Pretending to be living in a third world country, the children acted the role of kids working in a factory, dreaming that they are playing, something that they can never do!. The “boss” (Ogun) pushes them to their limits and pays them miserly wages.

The colourful backdrop of this year’s closure prepared by Ogun was also related to the theme of children’s rights.

Football fans

This year’s World Cup was still fresh enough in the minds of the eldest groups, the Oaks, to inspire them to write a drama centering around the song Waka Waka (this time for Africa). With a little help the “Oaks” themselves wrote a short drama, ending with all of them dancing Waka Waka to Lucia’s choreography. Our stage was too small for the enthusiastic performers, but they somehow managed. All were positively impressed!

Our Michael Jackson fan, young James, ended the kids’ performance with a presentation of Heal the World, joined by his group as well as the Maltese Michael (Robert) Jackson who was present in the audience.

Hawn tal-Pastizzi !

It is now a tradition that our EVS volunteers present a song in Maltese. This year Arianna, our musician, took the initiative and our ex-volunteer Christine suggested the song:”Hawn tal-Pastizzi”. Again an impressive performance J The audience always enjoy listening to foreigners singing in Maltese.

Recycling toys .

We never would have believed that any one person could have collected so many soft toys from her childhood, until our friend ReePaula brought about ten full big black bags full. When we mentioned to the children that these toys were for taking home, they didn’t wait for the closing announcements

Making others happy

In neohumanism, the purpose of education is to use what we learn for the good of society. In this regard, as mentioned in the July newsletter, one of the main themes of this summer club was doing service to others. We thought it would be a good idea if before the closure, some of our kids perform their numbers at the Old People’s Home in Cospicua. At first they were hesitant, but then they understood that it makes a lot of sense. Interesting that they were not even shy!

Appreciating our natural heritage .

One other activity during the month of August was a presentation by Annalise Falzon on Il-Majjistral Nature an History Park. Some of our children had already learned something about this place in the activity Kids on the Coast, and this presentation helped to reinforce their awareness about the need to protect the biodiversity, natural habitats, water table and other ecological, rural and cultural aspects of this park.






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