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Welcome to this month’s newsletter of Centru Tbexbix. It has been some time since we were in touch. Many things have happened, new challenges to deal with and overcome, but the project moves on. We’re happy to stay in touch with our community and this time a big thank you to Lucia and all our EVS volunteers who put together the following news.

Annual Comino Trip

thanks to Hera Cruises, who once again sponsored a trip for all our children and most of the parents. Even though the summer club was over it was not difficult to gather everyone on the 7thSeptember. This has now become the favourite event of the summer, and this time it was no exception. All the children enjoyed the boat trip and the swim in the beautiful Blue Lagoon.

blue lagoon

Bastions Festival

Centru Tbexbix was invited to participate in the first Bormla Bastions Festival at the beginning of October.  We were asked to present our project by giving a yoga demonstration in one of the gazebos put up for the purpose. This was the first year that the festival was held and we auger that the initiative is repeated to increase the awareness about the special features and richness of the local history.

bastions festival

Back home

by Lucia

During the last two months there was a big change in Centru Tbexbix staff.  September was the month when Ogun and Bettina finished their EVS activity, followed by Arianna, who left (with her dog Blanca J ) in October. It's still possible to feel their presence in the centre: their smiles, voices and laughter are in the kitchen, in the yard, in the rooms...everywhere!  The three of themspent more than half a year working hard and with dedication in the project. Through their talents and creativity, and skills in music, games, drawing and dance, combined with their sweet personalities and patience, they helped the children to develop their skills and potentialities .

A big thank you, and good wishes for your future because I'm sure all of you will have a successful career.

Bettina writes:

Eight months ago I was preparing myself for my Malta time…What will await me in Malta? Everything was so new and unknown.

And is it the right decision? Eight months away from home, my family, my friends, my place, my animals…Now eight month later I am sure it was the right decision…One of the best decisions in my life.

Such a great time I had in Malta in Centru Tbexbix I will never forget and never ever regret.

Now at home I try to explain my wonderful experiences but it is not so easy. There are moments which cannot be described in words. One has to experience the lovely atmosphere in Centru Tbexbix by oneself.

I gained a lot of life experiences which I try to keep up in my daily life. It was great to learn more about working with children. I was happy to find out more about healthy food, a good diet and yoga. For me it was new and very interesting to learn meditation. Also I enjoyed expanding my cultural awareness of different countries, discovering Malta by walking around and by listening to other people. For sure there are a lot of other things which I could tell but one last special nice thing. Every day I looked forward to enter in Centru Tbexbix and feel the lovely atmosphere in the air.

I want to say thanks for everything to my special Malta mother KatherineJ, to Els my wonderful mentor, to my sweet sisters without whom my Malta time wouldn’t be the unforgettable time, to the children, who were so sweet and exhausting at the same time, to Didi who taught me a lot of useful things for my life, to Ogus and Alexei for their help and to all the other people who I got to know. THANK YOU.

Since I am at home there is no day without thinking of my wonderful time in Malta.


New volunteers


No less than five new volunteers arrived in September and October. A big, big welcome to them from the tbexbix family!


Corinna and Jana from Germany, Gabriella from Sweden, Cristina from Spain and Mehmet from Turkey. New personalities, new brains and ideas ready to stimulate the children, all of them with new skills and talents that will keep transforming and shaping Centru Tbexbix into an ideal Neohumanistic Education project.

We would also like to welcome Didi Ananda Samprajina and Iishana who will be an asset to the project with their expertise in yoga, health and Neohumanist education.

Corinna, one of the new volunteers says:

”From the first day the Centru Tbexbix family gave me a warm-hearted welcome and made me feel at home immediately! I was happy that I had the chance to get to know Arianna and her dog Blanca before they left. The training with Didi Ananda Rainjana and Didi Ananda Samprajina I enjoyed a lot and was very motivated to put it into practice. I had a good start and I would like to make the best out of every day here ;-)


Volunteer training

by Gabriella


September was training time for the volunteers. Didi held a presentation about neo-humanism, which is the core of everything we do here at Tbexbix (Sunrise centre). The volunteers learned the basic values of neo-humanism and how they can utilise it in their teaching. To understand how much our behaviour and reactions as a teacher affect the children, the volunteers had to go back to memories of their own experiences in school. Everyone tried to come up with one good and one bad memory, which they then shared and discussed with the group. Thanks to this exercise we could learn how to better understand the children’s behaviour and thoughts. 


Katherine taught the volunteers how to plan lessons, including how to write a lesson plan, how many and what kind of activities should be included, all in conformity with the neo-humanistic principles. An example of this is that we reuse everything as much as we can, to be economical with electricity, paper and other resources including food. We need to be as innovative and creative as possible with the resources we have, including human resources, so that we still can do varied and interesting activities.

The hardest thing for the volunteers to learn was the phonic method of learning English.  This phonic method is used by the volunteers in English club and Reading club, to teach the children new sounds and words in an easier way. Imagine how funny it sounded, hearing people in their twenties and thirties trying to pronounce how the letters sound, and not just saying a, b, c…

One session of the training was by Arianna who was the main person doing yoga for children until she left.  She explained and demonstrated a lot of animal positions and matching sound effects. Didi also taught the volunteers how to do meditation for children. This is also different from the normal meditation, because it’s harder for children to keep interest and concentration for a period of time.


September/October activities

by Jana


In October, the volunteers were very keen on getting to know the children and starting their programmes to put in action what they have learned so far in the training. Cristina who is responsible for the arts and crafts chose the topic of the Maya culture. So the children learned in a fun way about the Maya culture and history by creating colourful Maya masks, a Maya calendar, a very big Maya tree and by colouring pictures of Maya temples, gods and a big Maya jaguar.


Then Halloween was coming and the children made bats, Jack O´Lanterns, Frankensteins and ghosts. They had fun using different materials like stones or toilet paper rolls.


n English Club the children learned a lot in a fun way. Pine, the youngest group started to learn the letters of the alphabet. They really enjoy to colour, cut and stick the different pictures of words that start with the “letter of the week”. We also learn some first simple words by showing the children pictures and they love to call out the words aloud. So nice to see them improve from lesson to lesson.


With the Laurels, the next older group, we learned about our five senses. They practised new vocabulary connected with the sense-theme through games and other activities. like for example a soundquiz, an action game, a smelling quiz or a fantasy trip.

In Yoga and Sports Corinna and Lucia introduced the children to the sun salutation with the help of a fun Yoga story “A journey to the mountains“ and a sun salutation poster. They even developed their own board game called “Snakes and ladders“. On each field the children had to do one special activity, e.g. a Yoga position or Jumping Jacks. The children especially enjoyed the clapping game in the end.

New programme

Once a week, a number of 10-11 year olds are attending an Italian language class, directed by Lucia. Again this is a non-formal learning experience, so there are a variety of activities which the children are happy to take part in, including dance and games. Of course, this time the medium is Italian.


Mediterranean Vegetarian Dinner

All of you have received the flyer for the Mediterranean Vegetarian Dinner being held on Saturday 27th November at Centru Tbexbix. Apart from the delicious menu, the programme will include a video of the summer club as well as a short explanation about the situation and way ahead for our neohumanistic education project.

Incidentally this fund raising event comes on the day before our current Director, Didi Ananda Rainjana, leaves Malta to work in other projects in a different part of the world. During her time here Didi has contributed a lot especially with her yoga and meditation and natural health counseling. She will be greatly missed.

Do not leave it till the last day to book. Phone 21805130 / 99573790 or send an email to http://www.inbox.lv/rfc2368/?value=mailto%3atbexbix%40gmail.com


There are many different ways how to contribute to the success of Centru Tbexbix. Through volunteering (in classes, administration, odd jobs, maintenance), donations in kind or financially, etc. The opportunities are endless.

One way to support the efforts of Centru Tbexbix is through the "Friends of Centru Tbexbix" scheme with a small monthly contribution by standing order. Centru Tbexbix holds the following accounts: HSBC 013-085675-001 and BoV 400-1705136-1.

For more information on how you can help, call us on 21/27 805130 or send an email to tbexbix@gmail.com.

This newsletter will be coming to you every end of the month, with the intention of keeping regular contact with the growing circle of friends of Centru Tbexbix, keeping everyone informed of what is happening as well as sharing the inspiration of this blossoming community project. The intention is to keep it brief and factual. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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