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As usual, June brings the end of the scholastic year. All our sessions with the children are occupied mainly with preparing for the closure, when the children are happy to go on stage and perform in front of of their parents. This year the closure was on Monday, 13th, and it feels that with the experience of previous shows things are now easier and better organised.  In no time part of our classroom was transformed into a stage with the help of Oguz, Aleksei, Lawrence and George while the rest of us took care of the last rehearsals and preperations.

The children were very impatient, they just wanted to go on stage and do their part, which would have been ok if it wasn’t two hours before the start of the programme. In the end everything flowed smoothly, and the event was very well attended.

Closure parents

One year past

It has been a year since Didi Ananda Rainjana became Director of the project, apart from still holding responsibilities in other projects in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.  During her stay in Malta she has been instrumental in training our volunteers in all aspects of yoga, as well as seeing to the day to day needs of the project. Her expertise in yoga and health matters is a valuable asset to everyone connected with Centru Tbexbix.  A number of parents and individuals from the community have benefitted from her advice. On the day of the closure she greeted the parents and guests and spoke briefly about this year’s activities as well as thanked all those who are always supporting us, and contributing in one way or another. .


Awareness raising songs

Love for nature and all living beings is one of our “permanent” topics so to say and our volunteers are always looking for songs that help to increase the children’s awareness about this. One song that the children sang in the closure, under the guidance of Arianna and Ogun, Under the Sea, helped them to understand that fish are better off in the sea than in a glass container or caught on a fishing line.

Under the sea

Another song performed by our little ones was “Oats, peas, beans and barley”, which is also a very simple old song which transmits the experience of the farmer when he sows, waters, and harvests his crops. Anna was in charge of this, and of course the simple songs are turned into a small drama, and for the first time this year none of the children was shy to perform

Oats peas beans

Our elder children prefer to dance, and this time it was no exception. With the help of Bettina and Lucia, the group learned a routine that includes various adapted warm up movements requiring a lot of co-ordination and concentration. Another group learned to dance a Swedish traditional dance, guided by Anna.

Anthony Valletta contributed to the performance with a number of tricks from his magic box, involving the audience and fascinating the children.


Finally all the volunteers presented a song in Maltese, to the delight of the children and parents, and another in Turkish, accompanied by Oguz on the baglama and Arianna on the guitar


The evening ended with some time of socialising and sharing of snacks. At the same time parents and guests appreciated some works from the children’s portfolios which were exhibited on our six newly purchased exhibition boards, inaugurated for this purpose.


Kids on the Coast

On the 7th June a number of our children participated in an evening activity organised by Il-Majjistral Nature and History Park together with the Malta Tourism Authority, called Kids on the Coast. The activity was at Golden Bay, and was led by Annalise Falzon. The children learned about life on our sandy beaches and around our coast, and particularly how easy it is for this life to be destroyed if we continue disposing of harmful waste in the sea. It was interesting to see the children enthusiastically participating, colouring the handouts provided, as well as looking for shark egg pouches, shells and other small natural treasures of the seashore which we hardly ever notice when walking along our beaches.

Kids on the coast

The evening ended with a short walk to Rdum Majjiesa, where we watched the magical sunset. When Annalise suggested one minute of silence, our children immediately closed their eyes... and when we walked quietly back, Daryl expressed his feelings thus: “I enjoyed it so much that I feel like crying!”

First swim

Going to Golden Bay without including a swim would not have made sense. That is why we decided to take the children three hours before the Kids on the Coast event. For some children it was the first swim this summer.


A Big Thank You

... to all those who halped in any way to make the scholastic year 2009 / 10 another successful year.  A big credit goes to our volunteers from the European Voluntary Service, as well as a number of dedicated local ones who are giving their time in a selfless way, without expecting anything back.

To our benefactors, who support us with regular donations, please know that your help is very much appreciated.

Whoever comes to Centru Tbexbix says that the feeling inside this place is a special feeling, a feeling of happiness and positive energy that cannot be explained in words. It is the love that all of us are collectively putting into this project that makes it so special, and it is important that we continue creating this loving energy together, for the benefit of the children who need it.



There are many different ways how to contribute to the success of Centru Tbexbix. Through volunteering (in classes, administration, odd jobs, maintenance), donations in kind or financially, etc. The opportunities are endless.

One way to support the efforts of Centru Tbexbix is through the "Friends of Centru Tbexbix" scheme with a small monthly contribution by standing order. Centru Tbexbix holds the following accounts: HSBC 013-085675-001 and BoV 400-1705136-1.

For more information on how you can help, call us on 21/27 805130 or send an email to tbexbix@gmail.com.

This newsletter will be coming to you every end of the month, with the intention of keeping regular contact with the growing circle of friends of Centru Tbexbix, keeping everyone informed of what is happening as well as sharing the inspiration of this blossoming community project. The intention is to keep it brief and factual. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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