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Welcome to the February’10 newsletter of Centru Tbexbix.

An important element in the success of Centru Tbexbix is of course the dedication of all the staff, the majority of them coming from different countries with the help of the Youth in Action Programme of EUPA. Again this month another three new EVS volunteers arrived.  Aleksei from Latvia and Oguz from Turkey are our first two male volunteers, who are keen to lend their “muscle” as well as their brains for the benefit of different aspects of the project. Anna on the other hand is our first volunteer from Sweden, and her proficiency in English made her a perfect candidate for English club tutor, which role she already performs very well. 

Anna , Oguz , Aleksej

Time for training ...

Having six brand new volunteers can easily result in some disruption in the flow of activities at Centru Tbexbix were it not for an intensive ten days of training in all aspects of the project. The training started off with a session of challenging and fun activities focusing on team-building which all the volunteers enjoyed tremendously.  Sadhana, a professional trainer from Germany was leading this session.

Training with Sadhana

Training with Didi

Daily training sessions by Didi and Katherine helped to shed some light on Neohumanistic education methodology and practice, qualities and continuous self-development of a teacher, tools for effective teaching, creativity and innovation, communication skills and class management as well as teaching English through phonics.

Back from snowy home

And while we’re on the subject of EVS, it was a very pleasant surprise when on 25th February, Christine from Germany turned up again at Centru Tbexbix, exactly two months after her volunteering finished. It was an open secret that Christine had fallen in love with our project and from before she left she had already taken the determination to come back. Well she did! She will be spending the next two and a half months as a trainee with a local prominent architects’ office, before she returns home to take up architecture studies at university. Meanwhile she will be spending some of her free time with the children, who were overjoyed to see her again.

Teaching by example

From the start of our activities in 2006, we have given a huge importance to sport, which is an essential ingredient that contributes for the proper physical and mental / emotional development of every child. Thanks to Woman 2000, who have been sponsoring our athletics programme for the past two years, our children have made tremendous progress in running and other athletic disciplines.


Long Jump

What to say for our young upcoming athlete, Charmaine? Charmaine who was recommended by our athletics trainer to join the senior team because she is very promising and dedicated. She is now competing in the MAAA track and field events.


In this regard, interest in sport and physical exercise adds a lot of weight when selecting new EVS volunteers.  Because of her love for athletics and gymnastics, Bettina is now assisting in the games and sports programme. On the 28th of February, fit as a fiddle, she placed 7th in the Malta half marathon in her age group! Well done Bettina!


Carnival Party

Clara writes:

Centru Tbexbix on the 11st of  February. On 3:30 pm we opened the doors as always.  But on this day princesses, fairies, spidermen and kings walked through the door.

Carnival groop

On the previous days the children had assiduously decorated the room with balloons, masks and streamers, everything  perfectly prepared for a nice carnival party.

Carnival deco

When  all kings, princesses and other fairytale figures were assembled, the party could start.   The children sang songs, danced, and watched a message from our EVS-volunteer Christine from Germany who sent some snowy greetings to the children.    Highlight of the day was the visit of a magician whose magic tricks kept the children spellbound.


Of course it wouldn’t have been a party if there was no food, and in the end children and teachers shared some snacks, including home made biscuits prepared by the children!

Baking biscuits

Yoga Shoots

Every week new schoolchildren are enjoying the experience of the Yoga Shoots programme. Clara and Arianna have taken over the kids’ yoga session under Didi’s guidance, and the rest of the team prepare short activities related to other aspects of Neohumanistic education like intercultural and environmental awareness and food sense. In the photo the children of year 3 from Birkirkara primary school proudly show the “wind vanes” that they built after a short presentation about wind energy.

Yoga shoots

Farewell Marie


February was sadly the last month of the EVS experience for Marie Wissmann, our young volunteer from Berlin. Marie’s artistic talent and sweet personality contributed greatly to the programme. Her special ability to adapt her creative ideas to suit the youngest children was impressive.  A very kind and considerate person, always positive and ready to help and give her best.  A big thank you, and good wishes for her future career.

She writes:  "I remember that I was thinking on my last day in Germany:” Oh my God, why am I doing this, why am I so crazy to go to a country where I have never been before, where I don’t know anyone?!” and now I’m thinking: Wow, the 6 months are over and I still feel as if it was just a dream. Not only because of the short time but also because my stay was just perfect. I didn’t expect so much when I came, I couldn’t imagine that I would get to know such nice people, that I would be so lucky with the accommodiation, working enviroment etc.

But when I look back, I realise that it must have been a long time. There wasn’t anything missing and I will never regret that I did my EVS in Centru Tbexbix. I think that I improved a lot in many ways. My stay was exactly what I needed after this boring school routine. After all I feel full of power again and ready to start something new in Germany. It’s hard for me to say goodbye but I don’t feel that it is a goodbye forever, I’m sure that I will come and visit you again!”-

All of us look will be looking forward to Marie’s visit.


Indian Vegetarian Dinner


The Vegetarian Dinner of the 20th of February was another successful fundraiser. Thanks to the 65 guests who came, and also to our dedicated cooks and volunteers whose help makes such events possible.



There are many different ways how to contribute to the success of Centru Tbexbix. Through volunteering (in classes, administration, odd jobs, maintenance), donations in kind or financially, etc. The opportunities are endless.

One way to support the efforts of Centru Tbexbix is through the "Friends of Centru Tbexbix" scheme with a small monthly contribution by standing order. Centru Tbexbix holds the following accounts: HSBC 013-085675-001 and BoV 400-1705136-1.

For more information on how you can help, call us on 21/27 805130 or send an email to

This newsletter will be coming to you every end of the month, with the intention of keeping regular contact with the growing circle of friends of Centru Tbexbix, keeping everyone informed of what is happening as well as sharing the inspiration of this blossoming community project. The intention is to keep it brief and factual. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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