Mediterranean Midsummer Buffet,
on Saturday 25 August at 7.30pm

Centru Tbexbix is happy to announce another delicous vegetarian meal! This time it is a Mediterranean Midsummer Buffet, on Saturday 25 August at 7.30pm.

Do not miss the opportunity of a relaxed evening out with good food and company while supporting a good cause. And have you ever seen the courtyard by candle light?

We hope to see you there!

Early booking recommended, and appreciated!

For more information contact us on: 2180 5130 / 2131 0830 / 9984 2282 or ________________________________________________________

Volunteers needed for Summer Club 2007

Would you like to do something useful and enjoyable during your summer holidays? How about helping at the Summer Club at Centru Tbexbix?

The Summer Club will be held from 1 July till 17 August, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings (9-12am) and activities include arts, crafts, games, drama, cooking, exercise, and more...

Cooking at the Summer Club 2006

For more information contact us on: 2180 5130 / 2131 0830 / 9984 2282 or

Photos of the Summer Club 2006 can be seen here. ____________________________________________________________

It is our pleasure to inform you of yet another delicious vegetarian fundraising lunch in aid of Centru Tbexbix, on Sunday 13th May, 2007 (Mothers' Day) at 1pm, held at Centru Tbexbix.

Spring Sunshine Vegetarian Lunch MENU

  • Maltese antipasti
  • Luscious lasagna
  • Veg & ricotta filled zucchini
  • Fragrant pistachio mint rice
  • Dutch crispy potatoes
  • Red & green spring salad
  • Grilled aubergine slices
  • Stir fried carrots with sesame seeds
  • Banana carob trifle

served with refreshing non-alcoholic drinks

Surprise gift for mums included!!

Price: Lm 4.50
Bookings: 2180 5130 / 2131 0830 / 9984 2282 or

Please book as early as possible because space is limited even though we would like to have seats and food for all! (latest by Fri 11 May).


Indian Vegetarian Lunch in aid of Centru Tbexbix
(Sun 25 Feb, 1pm)


  • Poppadums, served with coconut and pineapple chutney
  • Tamatar Toor Dal soup, served with pita bread
  • Veg Samosa
  • Gajur Vadas (spicy carrot croquettes)
  • Phulkapi Curry (cauliflower curry)
  • Sag Paneer (spinach and indian cheese dish)
  • Tamatar Aloo (potato dish with spicy tomato sauce)
  • Bhat (aromatic rice)
  • Dessert: Mithi samosa (apple turnovers) with ice cream
  • Of course the above is served with a range of non-alcoholic drinks

Price: Lm4.50 per person
Early booking recommended (latest by Fri 23 Feb)
Bookings: 2180 5130 / 2131 0830 / 9984 2282 /


Jyotsna in Concert @ Centru Tbexbix
Born in New Zealand, musician and songwriter Jyotsna has toured Europe, America and Australia inspiring people with her devotional and spiritual songs. She has a collection of over 25 CDs to her name, among them 'Longing', 'In my deepest hour' and 'Reddish Blossom'.
Graham Reid, NZ Herald, describes her music as: "Inspirational, spiritually elevating and hypnotic… Her distinctive, often thrilling vocals possess a transcendental quality that is ideal to the uplifting nature of the lyrics."

Monday 18 December 2006
Ticket at Lm2.50 (incl. vegetarian snack served after the concert)
Tickets are limited, early reservations recommended.
Reservations: 2180 5130 / 9984 2282 /

"A lovely evening…"
Saturday 11 November a vegetarian fundraising dinner was held at the centre. With 67 people in all it was full house, and thanks to the volunteers all went smooth and swift.. many a restaurant can learn something from the efficiency in the kitchen and waitressing!
Many people were first-time visitors to the project and had a tour around the place while learning more about its purpose. The meal was also good advertising for vegetarian food (good news for the animals!) as several non-vegetarians tasted the delicious alternative.
Some excerpts from the visitorsbook: "Positive energy in the building and the people - welcoming and loving." "Wonderful evening. Food was sensational." "A true example of how the mind and body and can transform a place so radically and totally. Congratulations to the whole team.And a great dinner too." "Well done for managing to create such a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Great food too."
Last but not least, some of the guests gave donations on top of the price of the meal, including one Lm50 donation, bringing the total profit on Lm256!

Sunrise English Club
Early October the Sunrise English Club continued its programmes after the summer break. Children aged 8 - 13 years are coming on Tuesdays for their fun-based English lessons, while the younger children, aged 5 - 8 are attending on Thursday afternoon. Contact the centre for more details of classes.

Creative Wednesdays
The children attending the Sunrise English Club are welcome to join the creative sessions on Wednesday afternoons. The activities vary from Maltese musical instruments with Andrew Alamango to painting and crafts.

Computers have arrived!
In October, 4 brand new computers were bought with the grant of the US Embassy. The computers will be used in support of the Sunrise English Club and for computer courses. The computer room will be inaugurated by the US Ambassador to Malta, Ms. Bordonaro on Thursday 9th November.
Contact us for more details on courses.

Successful Bazaar
The bazaar held on the weekend of 7th & 8th October was a great success. People from all corners of Malta visited, in search for a bargain or some collector's items. People from the locality would come in a few times, each time bringing a new neighbour or relative to see the place. Contacts were made with new volunteers for activities and construction work. And last but not least, the amount raised come to the sum of Lm 435, which will be used for shelving and to cover other necessary expenses.

The third issue of Rummiena, the Sunrise Centre's newsletter is out. Click Here to download Rummiena in pdf format - (not yet online)