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Welcome to the Centru Tbexbix newsletter of September 2011.

Enjoy reading this month’s news, brought to you with the help of our volunteer Nika

After the successful summer club, September was spent on reflection, evaluation, some relaxation, training and planning. We had time to look back on what we did, and understand how our children developed and grew during this summer, whether they acquired any new skills, what was the atmosphere in our classes and what helped them and us most.

Happy ending of summer club

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closure 4

As promised in our last newsletter, we are bringing you some photos from the closure of summer club. As usual the children were very enthusiastic and excited to show their parents and guardians what they had learnt during the past two months. The parents’ turnout was very encouraging. Apart from the performances of songs, drama and yoga story, there was also an exhibition of art, crafts and clay masterpieces

Comino here we come!


comino 2comino 1

comino 3

The month started with a happy reunion of ex-volunteers from Germany and Denmark Bettina, Katrine and Christine, who the children were delighted to see once again. Incidentally their visit coincided with our regular annual Comino boat trip, kindly sponsored by Hera Cruises. The weather turned out to be fantastic, and the children were as eager as we expected them to be! Again many of the parents came also. It is inspiring for us to see parents willing to integrate in our programs and participate in children’s fun and educational activities. The crystal clear water of the Blue Lagoon was where the boat anchored, allowing the children and all of us to spend time swimming and diving or simply stay on board dancing, singing, laughing, ... everyone to his heart’ s delight. A big thank you to Hera Cruises for not only sponsoring the boat but also providing food, fruit, drinks and ice-cream!


This month saw the termination of the EVS activities of three very dedicated volunteers, Jana, Corinna and Cristina, for whom we organized a well-deserved farewell event. While Jana left immediately because of the start of her university course, Corinna and Cristina decided to stay a few weeks longer and are still giving service to the project. There is no question that Jana is a born teacher with a lot of ideas and good energy. Her contribution to the project was extremely valuable, and not only the children but also the other volunteers gained a lot from her dedicated work. From here we send her our sincere gratitude and our best wishes for her studies and her future.

Jana writes:

“Looking back on one year volunteering in Centru Tbexbix and living in Malta I can say that I am very grateful and happy.Jana

Happy for every day that I spent on this sunny island with all the old Arabic-looking buildings, the beautiful nature and sea, the crazy bus system and “festas” and the relaxed, talkative and temperamental Maltese people. Happy that immediately after I arrived I felt like at home because old and new volunteers, Kamala and all the other people involved are really loving and caring. From the first day I had a lot of fun and I got to know many interesting and great people.

Happy for every day in CentruTbexbix, this beautiful and magical place with all the plants and lovely people who give you the feeling that you are loved and precious. Everything was very well organized and it was never boring. Learning healthy and new ways of cooking, cleaning, clearing and decorating the centre, hosting lunch guests, yoga shoots, staff meetings and outings, reading club, parties with the children, yoga and other classes with Didi and Iishana, fundraising events such as bazaar and international vegetarian dinners and concerts, planning lessons, outings with the kids, of course having classes with the children and much more.

The children were a really crazy and very explosive mixture and many of them needed a lot of individual attention. But even if the lesson was sometimes a big, loud chaos I just HAD to love them because they are really good and cute and you can see that they have fun, they love to come and that the Centre is very important for them. I really liked it that we were so free in what we could do in our classes. Of course there were some guidelines given but I had a lot of space for my own creativity and I could also experiment with my skills. This way I got to know myself better by seeing myself from different perspectives.

I think amongst all the children in Centru Tbexbix I was the oldest student during the past year. Like them, I learned loads of things which I think are important for life and which I didn´t learn at school or at home. But life experience, different aspects of alternative and healthy living, spiritual food for thought, more self-confidence and a lot of new skills are of course not the only things that I take back home with me. New friendships, new ways of thinking, the feeling of having a second home and family and beautiful memories are the biggest treasures that I locked inside my heart to take them back with me into my new life. A big thank you to everyone who made me such a lucky and happy girl.”

... and hellos

new vol

to new volunteers, Sophie and Sonia from Germany and Alice from Italy. While Sophie and Sonia’s activity is funded by the Youth in Action Programme, Alice came of her own accord and if her EVS application is approved, her activity will also be funded by Youth in Action. We are holding fingers crossed for her, and thank her for her decision to be full time volunteer at the centre. They are integrating nicely , already discovering Malta, meeting new people, getting to know their responsibilities in the centre, … They all come with a nice array of artistic, sport and other skills and with a bit of help in the beginning from supervisors and experienced volunteers they will be professional teachers in no time .


Training training 1

September is also the month for our volunteers’ training. Trainers were this time Didi Ananda Uttama, Katherine, David and Corinna. The eight days of informal training included a team-building session, an introduction to neohumanistic education, yoga for children and adult s, planning and implementing activities, creativity, class management, skills for communicating with children as well as teaching English the phonetic way.

Common Tale, Common Memory

SappadaSappada 1

In September we were happy to have a new experience for Centru Tbexbix staff. We were invited to participate in a Youth in Action activity involving projects from Italy, Macedonia, Croatia, Palestine and ourselves. Katherine, Lawrence and Faisal spent one week on the Dolomite mount ains, in beautiful natural Sappada, learning about the benefits of storytelling, as well as developing the skills needed to become an effective storyteller. The three of us understood what a good tool this is not only to help children in their education, but also to help families overcome different social problems.


... our Tbexbix children are looking forward and asking us when we will open our doors so that they can join us again for the new scholastic year.


There are many different ways how to contribute to the success of Centru Tbexbix. Through volunteering (in classes, administration, odd jobs, maintenance), donations in kind or financially, etc. The opportunities are endless.

One way to support the efforts of Centru Tbexbix is through the "Friends of Centru Tbexbix" scheme with a small monthly contribution by standing order. Centru Tbexbix holds the following accounts: HSBC 013-085675-001 and BoV 400-1705136-1.

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This newsletter will be coming to you every end of the month, with the intention of keeping regular contact with the growing circle of friends of Centru Tbexbix, keeping everyone informed of what is happening as well as sharing the inspiration of this blossoming community project. The intention is to keep it brief and factual. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.



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