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Wednesday, February 1, 2006



Aid needed for English teaching project

Katherine Azzopardi, coordinator, Sunrise English Club, Cospicua.

On January 21, 2005 there was the inauguration of Centru Tbexbix (Sunrise Centre) a community educational cum social service project in Cospicua. One of the programmes housed at the centre is Sunrise English Club, aimed at children and adults willing to improve their English language skills.

The first phase of the programme, having a duration of three months, will start in March and will be aimed at children between nine and 13 years of age, The second phase will incorporate children between five and eight years of age.

Members of the Sunrise English club will be required to attend two weekly sessions. One of the sessions will consist of a collective indoor or outdoor activity for all members, eg. drama, music/singing, cooperative games, video, etc, with English as the medium.

In the second session the pupils will be split into very small groups (between two and four) and they will be given specific support in the skills in which they are lacking, by five trained tutors who have offered their time and expertise freely. The programme is targeted at children from low-income families, and in fact the fee for the whole three-month semester is Lm5, with the possibility of this being waived in special cases.

We are looking for sponsors to donate the following resources:

Two computers
Hi-Fi equipment
TV and DVD player
Four tables
20 chairs
Portable whiteboard
Educational games
Reading books

A number of dedicated volunteers have laboured tirelessly to transform the two-storey dilapidated building in St Lazarus Street, Cospicua, into a decent place to house this education project.

Those who were present at the inauguration were all impressed.

We now appeal to the generosity of local business and individuals to consolidate our efforts and help us materialise this programme which is meant to instil in children a positive attitude to learning English.

Please phone 2169 5812/9928 1566 or e-mail if you are interested to become a benefactor.


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